The Scent Behind Earl Grey Tea

The Scent Behind Earl Grey Tea

Sep 16, 2020Anthony Tori

We loved bergamot oil even before we knew what it was. That's because we grew up drinking Earl Grey tea in the morning and bergamot happens to be the oil used to create the unique taste and scent.

Once we started experimenting with essential oils, we quickly learned that bergamot was one of our favorite scents to wake up to. Was this because we grew up surrounded by the aroma of bergamot or because it's known for having uplifting properties? No matter the reason, bergamot has become a main oil that plays an important role throughout our day.

What is bergamot oil?

bergamot essential oil

Extracted from the peel of the nearly-ripe bergamot fruit, the oil has a scent that is similar to a sweet light orange with a floral note. Unlike an orange, bergamot is not eaten. However, we enjoy its unique taste and potential health benefits in our morning tea, Earl Grey.

Bergamot can potentially ease stress, anxiety, depression, and improve your mood.

Any time we're looking to boost our mood, especially in the morning, we smell bergamot straight out of the bottle or have it diffusing throughout our home. Something about it puts us in a better mood and gives us a mini boost in mental energy. As much as we love bergamot on its own, we constantly experiment with different blends.

A relaxing and uplifting blend

bergamot essential oil

One of our favorite oils for relaxation is hinoki. Bergamot is one of our favorite oils for boosting our mood. So, we decided to mix the two. The result is a blend we like to use throughout the work day. 

We like to use 3 drops of hinoki and 2 drops of bergamot, but sometimes we'll reverse the ratio depending on our current mood. If we want to feel more relaxed, we'll add more hinoki. If we want to feel more energetic, we'll add more bergamot. Everyone reacts differently to scents so we recommend experimenting until you find your perfect ratio.

Disclaimer: Do NOT drink bergamot essential oil. Even though bergamot is found in Earl Grey and smells delicious, you cannot swallow the essential oil.

Bergamot and Earl Grey tea

Charles Earl Grey

Charles, the second Earl Grey (1764-1845), was the British Prime Minister from 1830-1834. Even though he's responsible for the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, people know him best as the name behind the tea. Because of the prime minister, bergamot tea is considered English. However, it's native to Southeast Asia and is widely cultivated in Southern Italy today (where our bergamot essential oil is farmed). 

In the tea, bergamot comes across very floral, with lemon and a little bit of grapefruit. To flavor the tea, some use bergamot oil, derived from the peel of the fruit, while others who want a sharper taste directly toss in the dried peel with the tea leaves. You can find the best and widest varieties of bergamot in Calabria, Italy.

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