Customer Story | Using Scents to Help Manage Stress at the Hospital

Customer Story | Using Scents to Help Manage Stress at the Hospital

Dec 17, 2020Anthony Tori

As a self proclaimed city girl from Chicago, all I ever knew was a life of towering skyscrapers and unbearable traffic. Shortly after starting my career as a nurse, I realized I needed an outlet to de-stress. I began booking hiking trips as a way to escape the stresses of work and city life, as well as a way to get me outdoors more. The more I worked, the more I yearned for the feeling I’d get from hiking up a majestic mountain, the healing powers of walking through a forest while taking in all of the different scents, and the serenity I felt by simply writing near a lake.

I knew I needed to be closer to all of this, and there was a way to achieve this; by becoming a travel nurse. Little did I know that a deadly global pandemic would be taking the world by storm during my first year as travel nurse. All of the sudden, I was living near all of the outdoor adventures my heart desired, but they were closed due to the pandemic.

Working in a busy ICU with so many unknowns brought my anxiety to levels I never knew they could reach. Being covered from head to toe in hot protective gear, wearing a tightly fitted mask for 12 hours a day, all while my smart watch kept reminding me to “Take a deep breath” started taking a toll on my mental health. Worst of all, I couldn’t do the one thing that helped me during stressful times- escape to the outdoors.

One day after work, I was randomly applying Amelia to my wrists after a hot shower and noticed how I instantly felt more relaxed. I knew I was onto something and decided to start applying it when I worked. I rolled some behind my ears and I dabbed my mask with it. I noticed I was taking more deep breaths and my smart watch was no longer reminding me to breathe. With every breath, I was transported to a tranquil forest or a field of blooming jasmines. I was finally in my happy place.

I would dab Amelia throughout the day and each time, I was instantly soothed. I was able to take more deep breaths, relax, and as a result, focus on my patients. The more relaxed my patients saw me, the more at ease they felt. With patients that still had their sense of smell intact, I’d dab Amelia onto a clean pillowcase and bring it into their room. Even if they might not have been “outdoorsy” people, they definitely became outdoorsy and appreciated me bringing them the outdoors when they couldn’t leave with Amelia.

Scent: Amelia

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