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Essential oil blend for a calm work day

Staying calm throughout the work day can be tough some days. That's why we decided to create a calming and uplifting blend. Like a lot of our calming blends, hinoki oil is the main ingredient. The uplifting aroma comes from our Italian bergamot.

hinoki and bergamot oil

We typically add 3 drops of hinoki and 2 drops of bergamot into our diffuser (Bloom shown), but depending on our mood we'll switch up the ratio. If it's closer to the end of the work day, we'll add more hinoki, but if we're looking to be a little more energized, we'll add more bergamot than hinoki.

We recommend starting with 3 drops of hinoki and 2 drops of bergamot and experimenting with what works best for you.

essential oil diffuser

Bloom diffuser