Unwinding With Hinoki Oil Before Bed

Unwinding With Hinoki Oil Before Bed

Dec 11, 2023Anthony Tori

After a demanding day, taking time to intentionally shift into an evening ritual signals to my mind and body that it’s time to relax. My nightly routine involves skincare, 10 minutes of breathing, the guitar and applying a few drops of hinoki oil on the top of my hand 30 minutes before getting into bed. This combination has allowed me to develop a sleeping routine that's optimal for my body. 

I keep my skincare routine quite simple. It starts with a wash, followed by the application of vitamin C and lotion. After that, I take 10 minutes to breathe deeply with hinoki oil for relaxation. Following this, I either read or play the guitar to distance myself from screens. While most of my routine is straightforward, hinoki is a lesser-known element that I highly recommend experimenting with. 

Hinoki oil contains natural chemicals called phytoncides, which research links to lowering stress hormones and blood pressure. It also happens to be the best smelling woods oil in my opinion. 

hinoki oil

Using hinoki 30 minutes before bed allows the aromatic compounds to work their relaxation magic. As I practice breathing exercises for 10 minutes while smelling the rejuvenating aroma, I can feel tension melt away. 

Establishing a consistent routine is key for easing into sleep as well. Wrapping up my evening the same way every night gets my circadian rhythm into the right groove, making it easier to fall and stay asleep once my head hits the pillow. The phytoncides in hinoki oil contribute an extra layer of relaxation.

If you struggle to dial down before bed, consider making hinoki oil part of your nightly ritual and let the soothing scents whisk you into dreamland. Over time, you’re likely to awaken more refreshed and ready to tackle each new day with renewed energy.

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