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by theo & amelia

Hinoki Essential Oil | 10ml


Japanese hinoki is our favorite essential oil to use around the home. This calming and comforting oil features a warm, woodsy and earthy aroma that is perfectly balanced with soft notes of citrus and spice.

Hinoki oil also contains phytoncides, a chemical with tonic and anti-viral properties known to have beneficial effects on one’s health and wellbeing. Hinoki oil has also been cited in various scientific papers on Japanese forest bathing or, shinrin-yoku. Forest bathing is something we personally practice in Colorado and find extremely beneficial. You can read more about our personal experiences along with scientific studies on forest bathing on our blog.

Apart from its aromatic and therapeutic properties, the Japanese hinoki wood is also valued for its durability, insect-repellent qualities and high resistance to humidity and decay. This is why hinoki has been traditionally used in building shrines, temples, and onsens throughout Japan for centuries.

We typically visit Japan once a year, but were unable to in 2020 and 2021 because of restrictions. To make up for it, we spent a lot of time experimenting with fragrances that remind us of our time in Japan. We'll be releasing one of our favorite Japanese inspired scents in the beginning of 2022, but if you can't wait until then, try mixing hinoki with eucalyptus, birch and a little yuzu. 

Our hinoki essential oil is extracted from the wood of sustainably-harvested Japanese Cypress trees and not old growth hinoki trees. Our manufacturer only uses leftover wood unsuitable for lumber to distill this essential oil. Roughly 600 pounds of hinoki wood can yield about 13 pounds of oil or around 625 of our .33 oz bottles.


Bottle size: 10ml / .33oz

Botanical name: Chamaecyparis obtusa

Origin: Japan

Scent: A woody aroma with soft herbal/lemony overtones. Relaxing yet uplifting. 

Extraction method: Steam distilled 

Blends with: We use hinoki more than any other essential oil. We love using it on its own, but it also blends well with some of our other favorite essential oils like bergamot, birch, jasmine and eucalyptus. In general, it mixes well with other woodsy oils, citrus and mint oils.