How to choose a theo & amelia fragrance

How to choose a theo & amelia fragrance

May 30, 2023Anthony Tori

We've crafted a collection of nine distinct scents, each developed from our personal journey and experiences from around the world. Unlike the overpowering fragrances you might have encountered at department stores, ours are designed to subtly engage your senses, enhancing your personal aura without overwhelming your surroundings.

Our scents are born from a quest for tranquility and comfort, both for the mind and skin. We've strived to create fragrances that won't trigger headaches or skin irritation, a common issue we ourselves have encountered with mainstream fragrances. Our products are designed to create an intimate atmosphere, inviting compliments from those close to you rather than announcing your presence to the room.

As you explore our collection, consider the scent profiles that resonate with you. Are you drawn to the grounding aura of woods, the uplifting energy of citrus, or the comforting allure of sweet notes? Or, a combination? 

Our Collection

Woodsy Notes

  • Evergreen: Immerse yourself in the deep and slightly smoky aroma of an evergreen forest. Our heaviest woodsy scent. 
  • Dolomiti: For a more polished and refined experience, Dolomiti combines woodsy scents with subtle sweet leather notes.

Citrus Notes

  • Uzzano: A pure citrus profile, delicately balanced with subtle, warm amber.

The Most Aggressive

  • Drakensberg: This is our boldest scent, reminiscent of a traditional department store perfume but crafted with your comfort in mind.

Versatile, Everyday Wear

  • Matterhorn: An effortlessly clean and refreshing scent, perfect for any occasion.

Unique Blend of Subtle Woods & Sweetness

  • Iceland: A distinctive blend that's clean and refreshing, featuring subtle woodsy notes and a gentle sweet undertone.

Subtly Sweet

  • Socorro: Our sweetest fragrance, inspired by the ocean, with a comforting and refreshing aquatic note.
  • Theo: An all natural fragrance with subtly sweet notes. 

Pure Relaxation

  • Hammock: Designed to make you feel like you're relaxing in a Hammock deep inside a forest. We didn't design it to be a traditional fragrance even though customers use it that way, but it's an all natural scent we personally use during yoga, breathwork, meditation and even in the shower. 

Layering tips

Our scents are crafted to be worn solo or in combination with others. We've had fun playing around with different mixtures, and we've also received feedback from customers about the unique scent combinations they've discovered. Among these, two pairings have emerged as distinct favorites.

  • Evergreen and Uzzano - our most intense woodsy fragrance with our distinctly citrus one - results in an incredibly individualistic blend that has been widely appreciated. For your initial application, we suggest starting with an even split between the two, then adjusting your ratio to suit your preferences.
  • Socorro + Dolomiti - an alternative for those who gravitate towards sweeter fragrances but still enjoy a hint of woodsy undertones. Apply more Socorro if you lean towards the sweet side, or add extra Dolomiti for a sophisticated woodsy essence.

The art of layering is our favorite aspect, as it allows us to craft a scent that matches our daily mood. While it may require a bit of time and experimentation, there's an immense satisfaction in concocting a combination that's uniquely yours. We're here to help you find your signature scent, one that not only complements your personal style but also makes you feel your best. If you have any questions or need help finding your unique scent, send us a message and we'll do what we can to help. 

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