theo & amelia



The bright and energetic citrusy top notes of bergamot, orange and grapefruit are balanced by the woody and slightly floral aroma of petitgrain, and the scent is finished off with a hint of warm and sensual amber.

A fresh and invigorating blend of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, petitgrain and amber.

To the man who exported our family name to the United States from a small village in Italy - a soldier, painter, bar owner with a feisty intolerance to drunken idiots, and someone who loved to entertain crowds with his accordion. To a man who escaped the rule of the obvious and danced through the grooves of life.

Uzzano pays homage to our nonno (Italian for grandfather). As a boy, Uilio sold the goods that his family farmed to nearby towns located at the foothills of the mountain. Doing so allowed the family to get by, but there wasn't much left for luxuries. Because of the family's lack of money, the only Christmas present Uilio received each year was a single orange. As they say, if life gives you oranges for Christmas, move to America and create the life you want.

Since nonno reminded us of his yearly present quite often, our Uzzano fragrance radiates the aroma of citrus. It's our subtle nod acknowledging the lesson he wanted us to remember. Appreciate what we have, but work hard towards our dreams.


If you want your fragrance to last as long as possible on your skin, consider using a moisturizer before applying the fragrance. Dry skin absorbs fragrance more quickly, so moisturizing can help the scent last longer. In addition, applying the fragrance to pulse points such as the wrists, neck, and inner elbows can help the scent last longer because these areas tend to be warmer.