Free Samsung The Frame Art Pieces

Free Samsung The Frame Art Pieces

Sep 08, 2020Anthony Tori

This might seem like an odd post coming from a company that focuses on niche fragrances and the best hinoki oil you can find, but let me explain. The inspiration behind all of our scents originates from the places that we've traveled to. As we all know, 2020 has been an interesting year and we haven't been able to travel as much as we normally do.

Since we weren't able to surround ourselves with new experiences, we decided to go through footage from the past couple of years and print some of our favorite photos. We hung the frames on our walls, reflected on the lessons learned while traveling and continued our daily routine of experimenting with new scents. 

During the process of moving this year, we ended up at a store that had The Frame on display. At first, we thought it was a digital art frame, but it ended up being a TV from Samsung. We haven't owned a TV in over two years so we weren't really looking to buy one at the moment. However, we learned how expensive it is to frame a lot of photos so we thought that The Frame would be a great way to display our favorite photos/art and also have the ability to easily switch content out. We left the store with The Frame and immediately started adding our own photos.

The Frame by Samsung

Not only did we start adding some of our favorite photos, but we turned some of our content into more of a painting vibe. For example, you can see the painted version of a lion in South Africa followed by the original photo. Want to use on your Frame? Click on the photo to download your copy for free. If you're having issues with Chrome saving as webp, you may need the plugin Save Image as PNG.

To switch things up, we alternate between using real photos and ones that we converted into paintings. Another benefit we love is that we're able to test out new photos on The Frame before printing new photos and spending money on real frames. 

Even though we aren't able to travel as much, having a slideshow of our favorite photos from all around the world playing in the background while working makes things a little better. If you enjoy these photos, consider reading the stories that inspired each one of our fragrances

Free Samsung Frame Photos

We have thousands of photos from all over the world so we're going to be editing constantly to add fresh content to The Frame. If you're curious, we have the 55" and typically use the Modern Mat - Thin option when displaying photos/art. 

Let us know if you like the original photos, painted version or both! 

The Rice Farmer

We met some of our favorite people in the world while exploring the rice fields in Indonesia. This drone shot captures a worker putting in the hard work needed to produce one of our favorite foods.

Afternoon Meeting

We spent three months in different surf towns in South Africa. These were our afternoon meetings.

The King Awakes

We creepily watched a lion sleep for over an hour before he decided to wake up. That was definitely one of the most memorable yawns that we've ever seen.

Want more free photos? Let us know and we'll add more to this post. 

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