More Than Halfway Through 2022 Company Update

More Than Halfway Through 2022 Company Update

Aug 25, 2022Anthony Tori

We've been busy up to this point and have no plans of slowing down. We've also heard a lot of your feedback regarding our social media, but those plans remain the same. We just don't like it so not much is going to change there.

Here's a breakdown of what we're focusing on:

We're opening our first shop in Denver

theo & amelia Denver

Pending building completion in October, we'll be at Green Spaces Marketplace located in the Five Points neighborhood. Come test out all of our fragrances, learn more about the stories behind them and even get travel advice. Can't make it to our new shop? Visit us in the metaverse...

Follow our metaverse progress

theo & amelia in the metaverse

We know people aren't really sure what that means, but we've been experimenting inside the metaverse for a year now and we're ready to start showing you our progress.

Regardless of what the markets are doing, AR/VR and the metaverse will be here a lot sooner than people think. Facebook's new VR headset is going to launch in October of this year and Apple will most likely release their product early 2023. Let the hardware wars begin!

We're immersed in the industry and see what's being developed behind the scenes. All we have to say is be prepared for huge and exciting changes within two years!

Do you have an Oculus and want to test our work in progress? Visit our Paris Penthouse that showcases some of our favorite content from Socorro, a few Sandbox voxel NFTs and 3D versions of our cologne. You can still view the experience on a computer or through the Spatial app (Apple/Android), but we prefer seeing it in VR.

If you want us to give you a tour of our space, join our Discord channel and open up a support ticket to schedule a showing. We'd be happy to show you around and talk metaverse or answer any questions about our fragrances.

We also just released our second Sandbox experience. Learn how to access that on our Discord. 


As exciting as the metaverse is to us, we still plan on exploring the real world as much as possible. Traveling is a huge part of our lives and those experiences inspire the scents that we make. We really hope that the metaverse experiences that we create encourage others to travel more.

Larger bottles are finally here

Matterhorn Cologne

2oz/60ml bottles are now available for Matterhorn. This has been the most requested product so we had to make it happen. Socorro 2oz will be available in September and all other scents once our shop opens. 

Uzzano is now available

Most of our scents include woodsy notes so we decided to make a citrus heavy fragrance to change it up. Read the story behind Uzzano.

Dolomiti is now available

Dolomiti preview

A polished woodsy scent inspired by our adventure in northern Italy. Read the story.

Our new scents are designed to wear on their own or by combining two or more for a scent unique to you. We'll share more about this in a later post, but enjoy mixing and matching until then. 

Goodbye, Amazon

As we plan for the future, we see ourselves leaving Amazon by the end of this year. Between their fees and cost of advertising increasing while keeping our prices the same, over 50% of our revenue is going to a company we don't really align with. Not only that, but their customer service stresses us out way too much and takes away from things we love doing (creating new scents and building in the metaverse). On top of all of that, it just isn't fun. We're focused on building a brand we really take pride in and a lot of that is going to come from interacting with our customers at the shop, in the metaverse or on Discord. 

Since we plan to step back from their platform, we need to focus more on our website. We'll eventually send out emails requesting reviews from verified customers because as we all know, they're important in helping people make purchasing decisions. 

Not only do reviews help new customers, but we take feedback to heart. If you've reached out to us before with an issue, you know that we make things right. That will never change and we only plan to continue to improve.

We're going to build a community on Discord

Our current channel is very quiet. Almost dead. That's because the majority of people in there joined for Sandbox NFTs and to talk about our game. We'll have more experiences in the Sandbox coming out soon, but we'd also like to invite other people to the Discord channel.

Stay up to date on all of our latest news, receive first access to new products, flash deals, a support ticket system and eventually a channel where people can discuss their favorite combinations of our scents.


That about wraps things up for now!

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