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by theo & amelia



A polished woodsy scent with warming leather.

A late season winter storm blanketed the mountains that we waited years to explore. Although our initial plans were forced to take a detour, we made the most of it. Instead of battling the whiteout, we watched the snow accumulate on our balcony's ledge while taking an all natural kind of trip.

With every pass of the wind we picked up the aroma of a polished forest. The trees were crackling, the clouds were in the shape of whatever our minds wanted to see at the time and we were either laughing or debating which dimension we actually live in.

It's the polished woodsy scent that stuck in our minds when we returned home so that's what we focused on while designing Dolomiti. We started with Hinoki as the main aroma and slowly added warmer notes like leather. The result is a polished woodsy scent with subtle warming vibes.