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by theo & amelia


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A rugged scent with a subtly sweet touch.

Now available in a 2oz/60ml bottle. 

The Matterhorn mountain range, nestled between Italy and Switzerland, is a destination of happy contradictions. Our scent is no different. Citrusy but woodsy. Spicy but sweet. Aromatic but musky. With every application, the scent creates a humble and attractive aura that piques the interest of those near without overpowering an entire room.

Matterhorn opens with a juxtaposition of sweet mandarin with spicy black pepper and cardamom. Subtle hints of clove weaves an unlikely romance with rugged leather and green vetiver before the musky notes of the base take over. A pinch of smooth sandalwood adds depth to the balsamic frankincense and woody myrrh to complete our most elegant, yet approachable cologne.