My Story

Hi, my name is Anthony.

After two years of traveling full-time, I found that spending time outdoors had a big impact on how I felt mentally. Being in nature affected my productivity, creativity, sleep, relationships and my mood throughout the day. So, pretty much everything. 

We all know that it feels good to be in nature, but I wanted to know why it had such a positive effect on my mental health. 

As I was researching the impact that nature has on our lives, I was also experimenting with scent triggers. Scent is our most powerful sense and has the ability to instantly change our mood throughout the day, whether you realize it or not. Similarly to the outdoors affecting my mood, I noticed that intentionally using scents had the same effect. Again, I wanted to know the why and how. 

My personal experiences combined with the scientific research proving the importance of spending time outdoors and the power of scent triggers inspired me to start theo & amelia. You can read some of those experiences and research on the blog. Make sure to check back often since I will be updating the blog with more research and personal experiences related to using scents to improve my life. 

If you're new to scent triggers, I would recommend starting with what are scent triggers or how scent triggers will change how you think about fragrances

What about the name theo & amelia?

Theodore Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart were two people who impacted our lives through their actions. They weren’t perfect and definitely had their own struggles (like we all do), but, they overcame challenges, advocated for what they believed in and left a positive impact. Something I plan to do myself.