My Story

Anthony Tori

Hi, my name is Anthony.

After two years of traveling full time, I realized that being outdoors is my true happy place. Unfortunately, I can't spend my entire time outdoors so I wanted a way to mentally experience my happy place no matter where I was.

I've always found it incredible that scents have the power to instantly change our mood or bring back memories as far back as our childhood. So, I decided to combine my love for the outdoors and the power of scent. The outcome is a fragrance that not only smells great, but also allows me to control my mood throughout the day. 

Learn more about what scent triggers are or how scents have improved my life.

What about the name?

Theodore Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart were two people who impacted our lives through their actions. They weren’t perfect and definitely had their own struggles (like we all do), but, they overcame challenges, advocated for what they believed in and left a positive impact. Something I plan to do myself.