How Scents Improved My Life

How Scents Improved My Life

Sep 12, 2019Anthony Tori

The first time scents impacted my life was when I started using essential oils before bed. There was a point in my life where falling asleep was difficult. Not only did the lack of sleep affect my life, but I would instantly feel stressed when I laid in bed because I was worried about not sleeping. I didn’t want to rely on medicine so I started experimenting with alternative methods. The solution that worked for me was using a combination of eucalyptus and lavender essential oils in a diffuser right before bed while playing the same waterfall noise every night.

Let the research begin

After I realized that scents were capable of improving my life, I decided to research how I could use them in other areas of my life. I started experimenting with scent triggers with the goal of finding one that helps me focus throughout the day. At first, I was using single essential oils (I’m pretty sure I tried every essential oil out there). I saw a slight improvement in focus and relaxation throughout the day, but nothing as impactful as my initial experience with scents and sleeping. That's when I decided to approach the scent trigger differently. I wanted to create a scent that reminded me of some of my happiest moments because that’s when I’m the most calm and able to focus.

Take me to my happy place

I love being in the outdoors. So, I started mixing essential oils until I came up with a fragrance that reminded me of exploring the outdoors, but with enough sweetness so it didn’t smell like pure earth. There were plenty of synthetic fragrances that would do the job, but I wanted Theo to be all natural. If I was going to be sniffing and wearing a fragrance all day, I wanted to know that the ingredients weren’t harmful.

A little more calmness throughout my day

After two years of tweaking the formula, I came up with something that instantly calms my mind and keeps me focused throughout the day. Now, I always have a bottle in my pocket or in close reach.

I can’t guarantee that Theo will do the same for you, but I’d really like to help people figure out their scent trigger because I know how much of a positive impact they’ve had on my life. Single essential oils weren’t working for me, but I’ve met plenty of people who have their favorite daily oil. If you’re interested in testing out different oils, pick up a sample pack that allows you to try different scents.

Science behind the impact

Unlike other senses, smells are routed through your olfactory bulb, the smell-analyzing region in your brain that’s closely connected to regions that handle memory and emotion.

In 2017, scientists discovered that memories may be saved in a part of the olfactory bulb itself, which can help explain why odor-linked memories are so vivid. In addition to being more vivid, research has shown that odor-cued memories are more emotional than memories triggered by visual or verbal cues.

Another piece of information that caught my attention is that our bodies contain at least 1,000 receptors for smells. Sight and touch are in the single digits. This means you can discern between many different types of smells, even though you may not have the words to describe them. So, what does all this research mean to me? Basically, scent is a powerful tool that has the ability to instantly change our emotions and impact our daily process.

I already knew that scents impacted my life, but I was curious about the science behind my experiences. I need that proof, you know? After two years of personal experience and a little validation from scientific research, I'm happy to include Theo in my daily process.

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