Deep Dive: The Woodsy Wonders of Evergreen and Dolomiti

Deep Dive: The Woodsy Wonders of Evergreen and Dolomiti

May 11, 2023Anthony Tori

When it comes to encapsulating the primal allure of nature, Evergreen and Dolomiti stand at the forefront of our fragrance line. Both are splendid examples of the "woodsy" scent family, yet each carries its own unique character, transporting you to different corners of the natural world with every whiff.

Evergreen: A Deep, Smoky, Woodsy Fragrance

Evergreen is a potent symbol of resilience and clarity, its composition echoing the ageless strength of towering trees and the crispness of forest air. This fragrance is a complex symphony of woodsy notes, underpinned by a sense of depth and warmth.

The journey begins with top notes of frankincense and guaiac wood. Frankincense, with its smoky, resinous aroma, offers an initial burst of clarity, awakening your senses like a breath of fresh air in a pine forest. Guaiac wood, with its distinctive smoky, tar-like scent, complements the frankincense, enhancing the overall woody profile.

The heart of Evergreen lies in its cedar and musk notes. Cedar, renowned for its warm, woody, and slightly spicy aroma, adds depth and complexity to the fragrance. Musk brings a layer of warmth, its rich, animalistic scent evoking the primal spirit of the wilderness. Together, these notes create a harmonious blend that embodies the essence of nature's strength and clarity. 

Dolomiti: Sophisticated Woodsy Warmth

Dolomiti, on the other hand, is a polished woodsy scent touched with the warmth of leather, a fragrance that perfectly balances rustic charm and sophisticated allure.

The uniqueness of Dolomiti comes from its use of hinoki, a type of Japanese cypress. Hinoki is cherished for its unique scent profile, a blend of lemony, spicy, and woody notes that is both soothing and invigorating. It transports you to the tranquil forests of Japan, where hinoki trees have been part of the landscape for centuries.

Complementing the hinoki, cedar infuses the fragrance with a warm, subtle spicy depth. Like a gentle embrace, it wraps the initial freshness of hinoki with a comforting warmth, adding an extra layer of complexity to the scent.

The final touch is the leather note, which brings a sophisticated richness to Dolomiti. The leather element isn't overpowering; instead, it gently weaves through the woody notes, enhancing their character and adding a touch of polished luxury.

In conclusion, both Evergreen and Dolomiti celebrate the beauty of the woodsy scent family. While Evergreen encapsulates the robust strength and clarity of a forest, Dolomiti offers a more refined interpretation, with a sophisticated blend of woodsy notes and warming leather. Both fragrances capture the spirit of nature in their unique ways, offering a sensory journey into the heart of the wilderness.

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