Why I started theo & amelia

The biggest impact I want to make with theo & amelia is to build some sort of physical community where people can feel like they truly belong. I don’t know the exact details and would love input as I grow theo & amelia. This is important to me because after spending the past two years traveling full time in search of what happiness means to me and how I can use my skills to improve lives, I figured out what matters the most; being part of the right community. It doesn’t matter if the community is two people, ten people or ten thousand people, but I want this business to impact lives. That’s why I named the company theo & amelia.

Why the name?

Theodore Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart were two people who impacted our lives through their actions. They weren’t perfect and definitely had their own struggles (like we all do), but, they overcame challenges, advocated for what they believed in and left a positive impact. Something I plan to do myself.

My name is Anthony

I’m going to share more details about my adventure on the blog, but here’s a little recap to start things off. I was living a pretty standard life. I went to college and started a career in the corporate world as a financial analyst. I knew I didn’t belong there on day one, but decided to give myself one year to live the experience. After one year, I left my corporate job and started my first business. At this point,  all I cared about was profit so my complete focus was on how to obtain more, more and more. Fast forward about eight years and I had one of my first moments of complete consciousness. I realized I spent the past eight years focusing just on money and obtaining things to validate my work and myself. I thought about who I’d be without those possessions and I felt nothing. I wasn’t cool with that so I sold everything and traveled around the world for about a year. I came back with a completely different mindset and was ready to start consciously living.

Instead of choosing one city and a typical lease, I decided to buy an Airstream and explore the US while working on restructuring my life and what I knew about happiness. After A LOT of learning, I found that a true sense of belonging is needed to achieve happiness. BUT, in order to find the right community you belong in, you need to find what makes you happy when you’re alone. Two things that I really enjoy? The process of growing a business and sharing personal experiences with the intention of helping other people grow. That’s exactly what I’m going to do with theo & amelia.

So, please reach out with any questions, suggestions or just to let me know where you’re traveling next. A physical community is a future goal. Until then, let’s get to know each other, have fun and build something great together.