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by theo & amelia



Bloom is the diffuser we currently use in our living room. It is quieter than most diffusers we've used, has the perfect amount of ambient lighting and does a phenomenal job at evenly diffusing our favorite scents throughout the day. Not only is Bloom one of the most functional diffusers we own, but its sleek and modern design makes it one of the best looking, too. 

DIFFUSER SIZE:  5.98" x 9.33"

OPERATING TIME: 5 hours in continuous mode; 10 hours in interval mode.


LIGHTING: Warm yellow with pulsing, steady and off settings. 

WARRANTY: One year from time of delivery. To help prevent issues, please read the user manual to learn how to properly operate and maintain the diffuser. The tips really do help!

Bloom essential oil diffuser

Bloom diffuser

Essential oil diffuser