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by theo & amelia



Bamboo is a unique, luxury diffuser with an outer shell beautifully crafted from exotic bamboo wood. It covers 200 - 300 square feet, making it perfect for your bedroom, living room, office or even yoga studio. We also love the two lighting options, which reminds us of a soft yellow candle burning in the distance. 

It's important to note that you cannot fill the tank higher than the max level line. It may appear that you can, but the mist will not work properly if you completely fill the tank.

DIFFUSER SIZE:  3.5” x 6.2” 

OPERATING TIME:  6 hours in continuous mode; 12 hours in interval mode.


LIGHTING: A warm yellow candle vibe with bright, dim and off settings. 

One year from day of delivery. To help prevent issues, please read the user manual to learn how to properly operate and maintain the diffuser. The tips really do help!Bamboo diffuser

ZAQ Bamboo diffuser

Bamboo essential oil diffuser