How to Use

As a scent trigger

I originally created Theo as a personal scent trigger, a scent that evokes an emotion or action. I tried essential oils on their own, but nothing really felt like MY trigger. So, I combined my love for exploring the outdoors with a scent that reminds me of those experiences. Over time, the scent was able to calm me down and keep me focused throughout the day. There’s no guarantee that it will do the same for you, but I’m a big fan of trying to help people figure out their scent trigger.

As a fragrance

If you’re not interested in using the benefits of a scent trigger, you can use Theo as a traditional fragrance. Roll it on pulse points like your wrists, neck or anywhere on the body that you want smelling subtly great. You can expect the scent to last around three hours. It’s different for everyone, but that seems to be the average.