Why am I focusing on the community so much?

7.5 billion people live on Earth and yet, it’s easy to feel alone at times. Even when you have a group of friends and people you care about. On top of that, scrolling through social media can make it seem like you’re really missing out or doing something wrong with your life. Why is that? I decided to figure that out for myself.

After traveling around the world and meeting people from all different walks of life, I realized that the happiest people are part of a community that they truly belong in. They actually FEEL like they belong and aren’t going through the motions to simply fit in with their current circle or what they see in the media. And, in most cases, the happiest people had the least amount of things. Instead, they focused more on living in the moment with people they formed true connections with.

After a long journey of figuring out what makes me happy (step 1), I looked for a physical community that complemented my lifestyle (step 2). I couldn’t find one so I decided to work on building it myself.

A traditional lease in one city wasn’t going to work for me. Neither was traveling around and staying in hotels/vacation rentals. I needed a way to have a place to call home, but the freedom to explore and for as long as I wanted. That’s why I decided to buy an Airstream and travel across the United States. Once I find an area that feels like home to me, I plan to build the community of like-minded people; remote workers who share a love for exploring the outdoors and traveling around the world, but want a homebase that has everything they need to efficiently and comfortably work.

I’m working on the design of the community, but could absolutely use help in this area. For the past three years I’ve been traveling all around the world experiencing different accommodations and alternative ways of living. These included 5-star luxury hotels, cheap hotels, villas in Bali, hostiles all across Europe and South Africa, typical vacation rentals from Airbnb, campgrounds, BLM land, a gym parking lot and even a single person tent for three weeks. I’ve taken notes of everything I liked or disliked in each location and plan to incorporate those thoughts into the community’s design. BUT, the whole point of starting the community before I find a location is to gather feedback from people who want to be part of it. I’ve only experienced what I’ve experienced (duh). That’s why I want to hear what you’ve experienced and what you’d like to see at the community.

While building theo & amelia, I plan to meet people who are interested in growing the concept and want to help make it a reality. Profits from the fragrance and future products will go towards the physical community so even providing feedback will help build the community. There’s a lot of progress ahead of us, but I know my vision will lead to happier lives for some people and I’m really excited to see that happen.