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Iceland | A Metaverse Exclusive Scent

Iceland is the place I escape to when I need a hard mental reset. Waterfalls, glaciers, mountain roads that make you feel like you're on a different planet, natural hot springs surrounded by incredible views, and most recently, an active volcano that I was able to cook food over. All of those diverse experiences in one country makes it a perfect getaway even if it's only for a few days.

Since the country is so special to me, I started designing a scent called Iceland even before theo & amelia was an official company. I went through at least a hundred variations of the fragrance before I had something I was happy with. Once I reached that milestone, I continued to tweak the formula each time I visited Iceland. 

After my sixth visit to Iceland, I finally designed a scent that was worthy enough to share with people I care about. 

More than just a scent

Iceland fragrance

Most people look at fragrances as something that just smells good or a tool to help boost confidence. To me, scents are art. Art that allows me to relive some of my favorite memories and feel a certain way.

After finalizing the scent and running it by my close group of friends, family and randoms at the bar, it was ready to sell.

That day never came though. For some reason, I didn't want to just throw it up on the website and Amazon and watch the sales roll in. Why?

Meaning > Profits

Making products just to sell online is boring and isn't very meaningful to me. I didn't start theo & amelia for the money. It started as a hobby because I love creating scents inspired by the places I've traveled to.

People started asking if they could buy my scents so I decided to create a website instead of responding to texts and Instagram DMs. The company started to grow organically and it began to feel more like running a business than doing what I initially set out to do, which was to design memory evoking fragrances and emotion controlling scents.

I decided to hold off on selling Iceland until there was a more meaningful reason.

The meaning hit me at 100 feet under water

Iceland Metaverse

I've been working in the metaverse for about a year now. Working on a digital world during the wonderful time of Covid restrictions definitely made me realize how important it will be to have a healthy balance of digital living and real world experiences.

I decided to disconnect and live on a diving boat in the middle of the ocean for a week. No computer or anything metaverse related.

During one of my dives, I heard the sound of humpbacks in the distance as dolphins playfully swam around me. It's an experience that I'm extremely grateful for and a memory I'll remember for the rest of my life.

The dive lasted around 45 minutes and for a brief moment, I had a thought.

"These are the experiences I want to help bring into the metaverse."

I promised myself that there would be no metaverse work on this trip, but I couldn't help it. The reason is because I want everyone to experience what I just did. That isn't possible in the real world, though.

Some people are terrified of the ocean, but would love to have the experience of spending time with marine life. Some people are unable to travel because of physical/health restraints, limited finances or even residents of countries who have an unfavorable passport.

For those people, the metaverse will eventually be able to provide similar experiences as the real world. As an avid traveler who wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for my real world experiences, I'd love for people to go out and explore the world instead of the metaverse. For those who can't, the metaverse will be a great alternative.

That's why I decided to focus on creating experiences in the metaverse for theo & amelia. We'll have an exclusive shop, starting in The Sandbox, followed by travel related experiences as VR and computing power advances.

I've been a big fan of VR for over 5 years now. If you have a headset and want to test out a 360 experience I created in Iceland, watch this YouTube video. The quality isn't the best, but it shows a glimpse of what I'd like to create once technology allows for it.

Since metaverse technology is still in its infancy stage, don't expect a "wow" factor, yet.

  • Neither did the first ever camera phone. I bought that in 2000 and nobody believed me that my phone could take pictures. My high school teacher actually called me a liar. 22 years later and a huge selling point for a phone is its camera. Sometimes I can't tell the difference in quality between my phone and professional $3,000 camera.
  • Neither did the first website launched online in 1991, Now, imagine living without two day shipping of products you probably don't need.

I could compile a list of every new piece of technology that originally started off as garbage, compared to what it evolved to today, but then I'd have to list everything that ever started as something. Know what I mean?

When I see the media trash talk the metaverse because of current limitations, I giggle. Every new piece of technology has always been discredited from the start because the majority of people just don't understand the potential. Unfortunately, the people who truly understand the potential of the metaverse shouldn't have any control of it, especially Facebook (I will never call them by their new company name).

For better or worse

Some aspects of the metaverse will completely change the way we live for the better. Other factors will bring even more issues related to mental health that social media helped create.

In the end, people will have a choice to interact as much as they want within the metaverse.

We're choosing to make it a big part of our brand moving forward, but also want to share ways to have a healthy balance of metaverse and IRL (in real life) experiences.

An updated brand in the Metaverse

One of the most exciting aspects of the metaverse is the ability to create a brand that doesn't just say who they are, but to create experiences that allow customers to feel. What the customer feels will be up to the brand.

For example, theo & amelia's name comes from Theodore Roosevelt & Amelia Earhart. They're dead, though. Gone. 

In the real world that is. 

Pictures, videos and biographies give us a small glimpse of the past, but quickly evolving technology will allow us to experience history like never before. Every era, past and the imaginable future, will be represented in the metaverse.

Roam open land with dinosaurs, fly a plane with Amelia Earhart, go on a hunting expedition with Theodore Roosevelt or explore an extraterrestrial world with different physics than Earth. 

We’re still years away from an ideal experience, but we plan on growing with the technology instead of letting big tech giants play God and decide how we'll live in the metaverse. We want to help contribute to a more successful and decentralized platform like The Sandbox and Decentraland. To do that, we need to start somewhere.

Our metaverse starting point

We'll start off with basic games and experiences in The Sandbox like Find Amelia, but as technology improves, we'll be able to create lifelike experiences that will make it hard to distinguish between the real world and a digital parallel.

Our metaverse plans won’t be perfect and we’ll run into issues that turn people away, but it’s up to early adopters to help shape the future of the technology. That's what excites me the most. The people who get involved now will have a voice in how this new aspect of human evolution plays out. To me, that's meaningful.

That's why I'm introducing Iceland, an extremely meaningful cologne to me, in the metaverse. Figuring out a way to make a successful experience that's more than just a click of a buy button is going to be a challenge, but I look forward to looking back on this article and reflecting on the ups and downs of accomplishing a "wow" factor experience that allows people to feel something special.

How to buy Iceland in the metaverse (updates to come)

Our first Sandbox game, Find Amelia allows players to search for Amelia Earhart. She officially went missing in 1937 after her plane mysteriously disappeared, but did she really? Explore the land, finish 4 quests and browse over 90 custom assets developed for the game including two replica planes flown by Amelia Earhart.

If you happen to find Amelia, she'll provide you with a promo code that gives you a discount on your fragrance purchase and the ability to receive Iceland for free.

We'll update this post as improvements in metaverse e-commerce occur, but for now, playing Find Amelia is the only way.

To play, you have to have Game Maker installed on your computer. Once installed, players are able to search through the gallery for Find Amelia. I'm hoping The Sandbox will implement a search feature soon, but for now, you have to search through all of the games until you see Find Amelia. For someone familiar with The Sandbox, it is pretty easy, but if it's your first time interacting with the platform you may find it frustrating. If you're having trouble, send us a message and we'll help out. 

Rollerball cologne

We're currently working on another project that will allow people to directly buy Iceland so sign up for our newsletter if you want to be the first to know.