30 Years Inside a Bubble

I wasn’t waking up doing what I loved. I didn’t even know what I loved to do. I only knew what I was supposed to be doing according to norms. I was stuck in my perception bubble slowly floating around in a world where MY reality was based on what was going on inside my bubble. And, my perceptions were altered based on what I was seeing in the media. Not my own experiences. And that’s how most people live.

I think the formula for happiness is knowing what you love to do and sharing that within a community of like minded people, whether it’s 5 people or 1,000 people.

I love waking up motivated to work on something I believe in or love doing. I like the challenge of starting new businesses. Once they start doing well I actually start to feel uncomfortable. To me, it’s always been about overcoming challenges. Not only solving problems, but identifying them before they happen. Something I wish schools would teach at a young age instead of memorization. But that’s another topic for another day 🙂

I had the corporate job, nice apartment and nice car. That wasn’t for me. So, I thought that having my own business was the solution since I liked nice things and a successful business would help me obtain more and more. I had the successful business, nice apartment and nice car. It wasn’t doing it for me. So, I decided to sell everything and be a true digital nomad. No things and no home. I’d hop around countries and work on my businesses. Now, we’re getting closer but something was missing still. What was missing? I was staying in nice villas all around the world for cheap, meeting new people and running my businesses from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. I was missing a home and the right amount of routine. I realized that I like staying at places for more than two weeks. Three to four weeks was ideal. Even then, it wasn’t my bed, my pillows, my sheets, my go to thinking spot, my anything. I get that’s part of the nomadic lifestyle, but I realized I needed more of a balance and somewhat of a routine.

Build a place where people can continue a simple, but efficient lifestyle. I don’t consider what I do as work anymore.

But, I’ll always have the need to explore, which is why working remotely goes into every decision I make. It’s also why I have no problem parking my home somewhere for a month and visiting friends, family or a new destination because I saw a really cheap flight. But, knowing that I always have my homebase to come back to with all of my necessities is important and comforting. And that’s what I want the community to be. A homebase that allows people to wake up and do what they love while being surrounded by people with the same adventurous mentality; whether it’s hiking a local trail or hopping on a flight for a month across the world together.

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